Cacay Oil

Discover the skin healing benefits of Cacay Oil. Used for thousands of years, rich in natural retinol, vitamin E, and Linoleic Acid. Linoleic Acid is often referred to as Vitamin F, the ultimate vitamin for dehydrated, sensitised, or damaged skin.

Cacay Oil Benefits

All our products are formulated for key purposes, deep gently cleanse, prime and protect or hydrate and treat while sleeping. We also offer a complete treatment with our Total Hair, Face & Body oil which offers the skin a natural glow and hair a gorgeous shine, while taming frizz.

Dealing with sensitive skin? Looking for a natural glow with pollution protection? Look no further than our Face Hydrator & Primer

Want to learn more about the benefits of Cacay Oil from the Amazon Rainforest? See our sustainability guarantee here

Learn more about the science behind the skin healing benefits of Cacay Oil

Dermatologically Proven
to Improve Complexion
in Four Weeks

Discover The Power of Cacay Oil

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